Deliver data

Enable business teams to request and deliver data at the quality level you need.

Creating a whole new approach to how data is delivered enabling business teams to own and manage the process

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Deliver quality data

Easily define data

Enable your business teams to easily define the data they need.


Validate the data to be delivered

Enable your data providers to validate, check and correct the data prior to delivery to ensure it meets requirements.


Deliver the data

Have the data you need delivered exactly where you need it to complete your analysis.

data delivery

Why our clients love gather360

We take the pain out of how data is requested and delivered by business teams.

Our tool organises the flow of data from various business sources such as internal business teams, data vendors and partners to develop a high-quality data layer that the business can trust.

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Quality assured data
Move from cleaning data on arrival to receiving validated data ready for analysis.


Data with provenance
Move from data with poor governance to data with full delivery and validation history embedded.


Empower your business and data teams
Move from separate technical data ops teams managing the delivery of data to business data teams with access to the technology they need to resolve data issues.


Infrastructure managed
Decide how you want your infrastructure managed and ensure that data delivery and its quality is a business, not a technology challenge.


Simplified view of data
Use our innovative approach to data delivery to gather data quickly and efficiently from across multiple systems and have it consolidated into a single view as it is delivered.


Data vendor management simplified
As a data consumer request, the data you need and have this delivered to the specification set. As a data vendor provide data that is fully testable and quality assured.

"Not only is gather 360 proving vital in its own right, but it also brings additional value to our current infrastructure of data tools and technologies. The investments that we’ve made to Modelling, Insight, Automation and AI are all significantly enhanced due to gather 360’s efficiency."

Michelle Bree, Chief Operating Officer, Pen Underwriting

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