Quality assure your data in hours, not weeks.


Get quality-assured data

gather360 builds quality-assurance into every step of data processing. Our DQN technology evidences data quality to support compliance.


Automate data processing

Save time spent gathering, cleaning, validating and integrating data with gather360’s automated system.


Empower your data teams

Gives business data teams the technology they need to resolve data issues securely, without relying on technical data ops teams.


Trusted clients across multiple industries

Our clients are global leaders in finance, insurance, aeronautics, media and manufacturing.

  • Collect & process data in hours, not weeks.
  • Receive supplier data validated & ready for analysis.
  • Automated validation, correction & consolidation of data.
  • Reduce dependency on technical teams.
  • Evidence data quality.
  • Easily source quality-assured data enrichments.
  • Link with existing tools.

  • Power your business intelligence systems with quality assured data.
  • Build automated data governance into data processing.
  • Easily evidence data quality to support compliance.
  • 60% reduction in data preparation time.
  • 10x reduction in data gathering time.
  • Managed & maintained secure cloud system.

  • System-led requests give a clear outline of data requirements.
  • Easy upload with excel templates.
  • Automatic validation - instant notification for any errors.
  • Automated formatting transformation.
  • Evidence data supply process with DQN ID.
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"Not only is gather360 proving vital in its own right, but it also brings additional value to our current infrastructure of data tools and technologies. The investments that we’ve made to Modelling, Insight, Automation and AI are all significantly enhanced due to gather360’s efficiency."

Michelle Bree, Chief Operating Officer, Pen Underwriting

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