The data tool for business teams

Get report-ready data fast with the gather360 data automation hub. 

Built to enable sales, finance, marketing, and partners to exchange, clean, and prepare data efficiently. 

Fix data issues and scale up your analytics:

Set up data projects, fast

Create and update data workflows in minutes. Automate data management to suit your business and track data KPIs.

Fix data quality issues

Get real-time visibility of data quality issues, and empower business users to resolve problems with data quickly.

Combine data automatically

Source, cleanse, combine, and prepare data in a few clicks. Deliver single views and report-ready data tables in 60% less time.

Trusted by companies in multiple industries

Help your business focus on insights, not formulas.

It’s a win-win: gather360 delivers data faster to the business and makes your teams happy. 

The low code interface has all the data tools your teams need to make their life easier in an environment that’s easy to use.

At the same time, gather360’s powerful automation suite is the rocket fuel your business needs to power up its data utilisation.

Pen Underwriting used gather360 to reduce data delivery time by 94%.

“Not only is gather360 proving vital in its own right, but it also brings additional value to our current infrastructure of data tools and technologies. The investments that we’ve made to modelling, insight, automation and AI are all significantly enhanced due to gather360’s efficiency.”
Michelle Bree
Former Chief Operating Officer, Pen Underwriting
“On average, I’m saving 60% of my time on a daily basis by using gather360. On top of that, the data output is far better quality and considerably less error-prone. It’s hard to say what I’d do without it now.”
Ross Curtin
Data Analyst, Pen Underwriting

A unified solution to deliver report-ready data

You can find lots of solutions to move data from A to B. gather360 is a little different.

It gives business teams a user-friendly, trusted suite of data management tools to get quality data in the required format and integrate it with analytics software like Power BI, Qlik Sense or Tableau.

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Do more with your business data.

Get a data strategy scorecard to showcase how gather360 could support your business.