Create single reporting views in minutes, not hours.

Gather and combine multiple datasets from across your business in just a few clicks.
Source & join data

Get the data you need from systems and teams. Automatically gather, refine and filter it into a combined view, ready to plug into your reports.

Transform data formats

Adjust data formats, fast, with the drag & drop data editor. Automatically re-order columns, filter values, change currencies, and translate languages.

Automate data checks

Check for missing values, incorrect formats and anomalies automatically. If an issue is found, automatically send a warning to your business to fix it.

Enhance data

Enrich your information with data add-ons. Complete missing addresses, add valuation information or issue background checks automatically.

The fastest way to get combined, report-ready data

If building your single customer view seems more like a giant leap than a small step, we’re here to help.

gather360 connects data sources in a matter of minutes, to create a single, combined view of data. Whether your data is in a system, or in excel, the system automatically gets the data you need and refines it into one central dataset.

You’ll be able to outline the data you need, and how you want it to be combined, in minutes. Better still, we’ll integrate it directly into your dashboard software in a couple of clicks.

Get data from anywhere

Connect to a system or database in a couple of clicks, or request data from teams on a recurring basis to get the data you need, fast.

The automated data request tool makes it simple to get data from anywhere and join it into one view, without relying on technical work.

Create the view you need

Reduce or increase your available data so it’s just right for the report you have in mind.

The user-friendly drag & drop editor makes it easy to filter and slice our data you don’t need or combine multiple datasets for a more informed view, without spending hours working in spreadsheets.

Add value to your data

Increase the value of your data and make smarter decisions with data enrichments.

Pull additional data from your business such as customer and product IDs or utilise external datasets such as postcodes, exchange rates, or stock pricing to power up your data.

Plug directly into the dashboard

Connect your data directly to dashboards like Power BI and Tableau for a fast, reliable and secure data exchange.

Deliver intelligence without needing technical skills, and cut the time to deliver business insights.

Scalable solution
Add data sources at the click of a button to process as little or as much data as you need, as often as you need it.
Secure interface
Manage end-to-end data activities in a single, secure SaaS cloud environment.
Simple integration
It’s easy to connect gather360 directly to existing data apps, warehousing and analytics solutions.
Multiple storage options
Output data to your existing storage infrastructure on Azure, Snowflake and others.
Fully customisable
gather360’s advanced rules engine is fully customisable to your data needs.
Dedicated help centre
Our easy to read help centre helps your teams easily onboard to using gather360.
In-app support
Our support team are available every weekday via an easily accessible in-app live chat.
In-browser access
gather360 loads in the browser, so there’s no need to install or manage software.

Deliver data faster with gather360