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Launch high-quality, easy-to-maintain data services. Deliver business value in weeks, not months.

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The data workflow tool for service providers

Accelerate service delivery

Speed up every stage of the data workflow. Easily create, and govern data models. Simplify data gathering from stakeholders and systems, with reusable data pipelines. Collaborate on data fixes in an audited workspace.

Reusable model

Accelerate every project by saving your data models, pipelines, and governance for reuse. Install for the next client in one click and customise to meet bespoke requirements. Save proprietary services to advertise in the marketplace.

Easy maintenance

The agile development workflow makes it easier than ever to maintain, support and evolve existing client solutions using the design workflow. Safely design, test, deploy and track data solutions, without a key man dependency or highly customised code.

Simplify client collaboration

Simplify collaboration with clients by nominating data ownership via the dedicated client portal. Automate reminders for data submissions, and assign errors to departments to fix. Communicate data requirements and track resolutions in a secure, audited environment.

“On average, I’m saving 60% of my time on a daily basis by using gather360. On top of that, the data output is far better quality and considerably less error-prone. It’s hard to say what I’d do without it now.”
Ross Curtin, Data Analyst at Pen Underwriting

Seamless client communication

Our simple collaboration interface cuts out effort at each project step, to cut delivery workload by 60%. Manage interfaces with multiple business users at every stage of project execution, from requirements gathering to solution delivery.


Get out of strategy & focus on execution. The data request tool makes it faster than ever to get practical with data projects, by creating data dictionaries, identifying data assets, sharing data models, and highlighting errors in an understandable, reusable, format.


Stand up your full stack in minutes. Flexible ingestion and output enable you to connect with existing client systems, solutions and teams. Flexible storage enables you to store as a service, or securely connect to client infrastructure.


Get up and running quickly using agile, pre-configured recipes. Save reusable functions, rules, and data models tailored to your service delivery. Iterate easily with agile design & staging versions.


Eliminate key man dependencies, code updates, documentation, and complex infrastructure. Log edits, testing, and versions automatically. Manage and monitor multiple client services from one central workspace, and deploy changes across multiple clients in a few clicks.

Full stack service delivery

Get the full suite of tools to provide your service, from setup right through to delivery & maintenance.










Productize your service

We help transform service expertise into a standardised, maintained product, that can be deployed and utilised for multiple clients. So you can accelerate time to value, and scale up your service offering without expanding the team.

Eliminate Technical Headaches

Smarter Storage Solutions

We enable service providers to process necessary data, without taking responsibility for storing it.

cloud-upload Secure & Stable Cloud

Infrastructure Deliver all your services via a central, secure, and maintained cloud environment.

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying about code updates, server locations, disaster recovery, and security by utilising an all-in-one SaaS platform.

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