Fundtech Award: Best newcomer!

We were delighted to be shortlisted for Funds Europe FundTech awards, in the best newcomer category for our ESG data solution for asset managers.

Whilst gather360’s capability is well proven in the insurance industry, in early 2019, we saw the opportunity to broaden its reach in the fast-growing area of ESG data management, specifically for small/midcap businesses and boutique asset managers.

ESG data has become a critical component in the evaluation of a company’s performance, ranking alongside financial data in importance. However, whilst rating agencies have been expanding, we saw a clear disparity in risk/performance ratings and terminology. We saw elite corporates mastering the rating system in a tick-box fashion and large asset managers developing proprietary indices, squeezing out smaller players.

So, as ESG data requirements become more complex, particularly the ‘S’, the administrative and cost burden is felt most keenly by two key groups – small/mid-cap businesses and boutique asset managers. These overheads leave small/mid-caps struggling to deliver the right ESG data, in the right format at the right time, missing out on positive ESG ratings, as well as ESG-linked equity/debt funding.

Many boutique asset managers are in a similar position, striving to access new revenue streams but struggling under the weight of; investor data demands; the volume of ESG market metrics; and possible accusations of greenwashing.

Amidst an ESG revolution, these two groups labour with the fundamental process of gathering and checking ESG data, formatting it for different user requirements, providing proven provenance and building a governance framework around it for transparency/auditing.

This is where gather360 has made a difference.

A free, fully supported trial account is available to help clients to understand the benefits and opportunities that gather360 offers.