Take the pain out of data processing

Cut the time spent gathering, validating, and consolidating data from hours to minutes with gather360’s automated data processing platform.

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Automated Data Quality Assurance

Deliver insights faster with automated data processing


Simplify data gathering

Receive data in 10x less time, validated & cleaned before delivery.


Automated quality assurance

gather360 automatically validates, transforms & cleans data in just a few clicks.


Create a single view

Easily consolidate data from multiple sources into a single view.

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Why data teams love gather360

Our tool organises the flow of data from internal business teams, data vendors and partners, ensuring that it meets requirements no matter the source.

The gather360 automated quality assurance process develops a high-quality data layer that the business can trust.

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The tools you need
gather360 gives business data teams the technology they need to resolve data issues, without relying on technical data ops teams.


A better way to gather data
gather360 manages requests to your data suppliers, checking that data supplied meets your requirements before delivery.


Quality assurance, built in
Move from cleaning data on arrival to receiving validated, formatted data ready for analysis.


Consolidate your data faster
gather360s innovative approach to data collection makes it easy to consolidate data from across your organisation into a single view.


Accelerate data collection
Data recipes offer customisable templates designed for common data collection tasks to accelerate your internal processes.


Add data enrichments at the click of a button
gather360 provides quality assured data enrichments in the marketplace, so you can add them to your dataset in just a few clicks.


Evidence data quality
gather360 provides an audit trail for every row of data, making it easy to demonstrate data quality and support compliance.


Integrate with existing tools
Easily connect gather360 data to your existing data warehouse and BI tools. Get notifications direct to your inbox if an automation needs attention.

"On average I'm saving 60% of my time on a daily basis by using gather360. On top of that, the data output is a far better quality, and considerably less error prone. It's hard to say what I'd do without it now."

Ross Curtin, Data Analyst, Pen Underwriting

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