Process bordereaux, 94% faster.

gather360 onboards and processes Risk, Premium and Claims data efficiently and accurately.

Our approach makes it easy to manage bordereaux processing activities and collaborate with delegated authorities in a secure, audited environment to process bordereaux files 94% faster.

A bordereaux management system built for business teams

gather360 captures, maps, checks, cleans, formats, and consolidates bordereaux in one central in-browser interface.

Designed in consultation with delegated authority business users, the easy to use interface is built to help business people prepare bordereaux without depending on technical skillsets.

We help Coverholders, MGAs, Brokers, and Insurers customise processing to their business needs and automate key processes at all stages of bordereaux preparation to meet your requirements.

Improve accuracy, security and collaboration

gather360’s powerful rules engine automates data checks, to ensure that bordereaux submissions are complete, quality-assured, and in the correct format. Popular configurations such as the Lloyds framework can be selected from our solution library and customised to match your needs.

The system promotes collaboration with delegated authorities. Our optional delegated authority login enables the direct upload of bordereaux via a secure in-browser interface and facilitates collaboration on data error resolution. This login identifies overdue suppliers and tracks the impact of late submissions on your processing activities.

Full visibility of the binder management process

gather360 tracks and measures all activities througout your bordereaux processing timeline to deliver full visibility of the process and transparency on how data has been quality assured.

The system logs all processing activities for each data row with a unique Audit ID that can be shared with auditors, regulators and executives.

In addition, our in-product KPI dashboard measures the performance of your binder management process and identifies bottlenecks and improvements to drive efficiency.

What our customers say

Pen Underwriting implemented gather360 to support Bordereaux Reporting in their organisation. Check out their experience below.

“Not only is gather360 proving vital in its own right, but it also brings additional value to our current infrastructure of data tools and technologies. The investments that we’ve made to modelling, insight, automation and AI are all significantly enhanced due to gather360’s efficiency”
Michelle Bree
Former Chief Operating Officer, Pen Underwriting
“On average I’m saving 60% of my time on a daily basis by using gather360. On top of that, the data output is far better quality, and considerably less error-prone. It’s hard to say what I’d do without it now.”
Ross Curtin
Data Analyst, Pen Underwriting

Learn how Pen Underwriting used gather360 to process bordereaux reports faster

Manage Incoming BordereuxControl Data QualityAudit Data Preparation

Source, prepare and deliver bordereaux 94% faster

Reduce time spent collecting and preparing bordereaux submissions

  • One-time set up to tailor your risk, premium and claims processing and quality assurance 
  • Simple to onboard, monitor and collaborate with third parties
  • Upload or autoload bordereaux submissions in a secure environment
  • Easily create and save customised data mappings
  • Automate quality assurance of submissions before they are accepted into your organisation
  • Implement powerful governance rules to minimise human error and improve data quality
  • Deliver consolidated, quality assured datasets to power your Business Intelligence
  • Generate shareable Audit ID certificate to evidence compliance activities for every data row

Have confidence in your data quality

Improve the quality of bordereaux submissions with gather360’s powerful data governance rules

  • Pre-built data templates for fast configuration to Lloyds risk, premium and claim standard 
  • Simple to customise data rules and requirements without highly technical skillsets
  • Powerful rules engine enables complex data validations and enrichments
  • Multiple error levels identify low and high severity errors 
  • In-product error resolution interface with downloadable excel markup file

Evidence due diligence activities

Showcase compliance to Auditors and Regulators with gather360’s row-level audit log.

  • Detailed Audit ID log records data provenance and data preparation activities 
  • Custom Audit ID appended to every data row processed in output dataset
  • Audit ID logs all data validation testing, corrections and transformations
  • Shareable Audit ID Certificate evidences due diligence activities to Auditors and Regulators

Accelerate your bordereaux processing