Simplifying data management: the story of building gather360

We were inspired to create gather360 in 2017. Our team of data scientists had been consulting for five years, delivering successful data projects to large multinational companies across multiple industries. The companies we worked with had one consistent challenge: their business teams struggled to have productive conversations about data. 

Business people navigated 4 – 5 complex conversations with different data stakeholders throughout their network to understand a dataset. These stakeholders included: the executive that requested a report, the data analyst that collected the data, the supplier that provides the data, and the technical team who moved or quality assured the data. And these conversations typically didn’t happen once – they were ongoing, taking place over weeks.

This time-consuming process slowed down data preparation across the whole business, making it challenging to improve and scale to meet increasing data demands. We wanted to make it easier for companies to unlock the power of their data. And to do this, we needed to help business teams understand and manage the data conversations across their organisation. 

We realised that data conversations revolved around four topics: what data is available, who to get it from, when it is needed and how we know it is correct. So, we created a standardised communication framework to translate between business teams, technical teams, and data suppliers alike. This solution established a standard, simple way to communicate data requirements, assign supplier(s), manage the due date and evidence quality assurance. We characterised this flow as the ‘Data Supply Chain’ due to its similarity to the information required in the traditional supply chain in the manufacturing industry.

From the beginning, we established gather360 to give business people a better understanding of their data. In doing that, we deliver a more flexible, transparent and efficient approach to data management. It’s a centralised solution that controls and manages the data supply chain to build a bridge between business and technical teams.

To date, gather360 has made data processing easy for clients in multiple industry sectors and become a recommended tool for Operations Managers looking to manage their data efficiently. We have an unwavering commitment to continue to simplify the data conversation so that businesses can unlock the power of their data.