Deliver data projects, 94% faster

Reach your data moonshots with gather360’s data automation hub.
Designed for business people

Designed for teams like sales, finance and marketing, gather360 makes it easy for business people to deliver data projects.

Lightning-fast data sourcing

Securely connect with systems and request data from teams in minutes, without relying on technical work. Store it in your own cloud environment.

Automation Toolkit

Enable business teams to automatically source, clean, correct, combine and enrich data in one central cloud workspace.

Easy integration

Securely connect with leading data visualisation and querying tools in a few clicks, without the need for technical integrations.

Rocket fuel for your data moonshots

If your data projects often run over deadline, or your data team’s to-do list is growing out of control, we’re here to help.

gather360’s data automation hub is the central, one-stop solution to help deliver data projects. We help business teams automate all the ‘hidden’ data work that takes place before dashboards and analytics.

Your teams will cut time spent on data work by 60% and gain the capacity to focus on data insights, not data admin. Better still, we empower them to do all this without relying on technical resources.

Setup data requirements, fast

The easy to use workspace empowers business teams to outline their data needs in minutes, without relying on technical skills.

Users can version manage data, update requirements and revert changes in a secure, stable & audited environment.

Get data without building pipelines

Source data securely from systems and partners in three clicks, with gather360’s data request tool.

Reduce dependency on technical teams with reliable, failure-free and efficient pipelines.

One hub for all data activities

Automate, manage and measure data activities from one central cloud workspace.

Get full visibility and control of all your data processing activities, so you can easily amend, iterate and improve your data workflows.

Speed up the data workflow

Measure and monitor the process to source, clean, correct, format and enrich your data.

gather360 tracks data metrics in a central KPI dashboard so you can identify bottlenecks and improvements to drive efficiency.

Scalable solution
Add data sources at the click of a button to process as little or as much data as you need, as often as you need it.
Secure interface
Manage end-to-end data activities in a single, secure SaaS cloud environment.
Simple integration
It’s easy to connect gather360 directly to existing data apps, warehousing and analytics solutions.
Multiple storage options
Output data to your existing storage infrastructure on Azure, Snowflake and others.
Fully customisable
gather360’s advanced rules engine is fully customisable to your data needs.
Dedicated help centre
Our easy to read help centre helps your teams easily onboard to using gather360.
In-app support
Our support team are available every weekday via an easily accessible in-app live chat.
In-browser access
gather360 loads in the browser, so there’s no need to install or manage software.

Deliver data faster with gather360