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Transform how ESG data quality is managed and governed, saving days of administrative time checking and consolidating data

In the past, CSR and Sustainability data was collated in a single format, annually. The process was well defined and resource efficient.


Thomas Russell
Published on Aug 5, 2020

Today, as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors become integral to the assessment of a company’s performance, more frequent, complex data is required.

  • By the Board, for good governance and to aid informed decision making.
  • By investors, motivated by the proven links between a company’s positive approach to ESG and its financial performance.
  • By other stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees and prospective employees who want realtime ESG data for values-based decision making.
  • By lenders, increasingly associating loans with favourable interest rates with ESG performance
  • By regulators, complaisant for now but quickly moving towards regulatory targets, reporting requirements and possible fines for non-compliance. Jurisdictional variations will also no doubt apply.
  • By ratings agencies, such as Moody's and S&P Global who rate listed businesses on ESG performance.

However, as ESG data requirements become more complex, so too does the administrative burden of gathering and checking data from across a business, formatting it for each user’s requirements and ensuring that the business an defend each individual dataset if challenged. And, as interest in the ‘S’ and the ‘G’ increases, so too do cost and risk.

Some businesses try to solve the problem by focusing on the outputs - reports, benchmarks and metrics. Our approach takes the focus further upstream, to redefine the data flow, using our award-winning data tool Gather 360.

With Gather 360, the ESG business lead specifies the data that they need and their desired format, then ubmits data requests to data sources and providers, internal and external. Gather 360 enables the data-return to be tested against specification at source, identifying errors and anomalies for correction, so that the data delivered is statistically accurate and standardised. Gather 360 also automates the collection process, providing an audit trail against each line of data as well as certified provenance.

Gather 360’s proprietary approach has transformed how ESG data quality is managed and governed, saving days of administrative time checking and formatting data and slashing ESG data spend.

Today, our clients use Gather 360 to deliver:

  • Board reporting - Easily source and assimilate relevant data for monthly Board meetings. Tailor reports or business-critical projects. Proactively share critical information with the Board.
  • Investor and stakeholder engagement - Easily source and format relevant data for each stakeholder group. Gain access to new ESG focused funding and investment. Handle challenges and queries knowing that that each line of ESG data is traceable, accurate and up to date.
  • Lender reporting - Access new sources of lending with lower interest rate ESG-aligned loans.
  • Regulatory submissions - Get ahead of competitors by proactively preparing regulatory infrastructure for future compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Ratings Agency submissions – Dramatically improve ESG ratings and risk profiles by providing a detailed and accurate view of ESG performance.
  • ESG data onboarding – Power existing ESG tools and technologies with statistically accurate data. Maximise investment in external data spend by easily merging external and internal data into a standard, ready-to-use format.

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