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Improve data quality, enrich data as part of the delivery process and simplify custodian management for Fund Admin and Custodian providers.

In response to clients’ demand for an easy-to-implement tool that would enable them to understand and manage their data assets, and to use that data to create business opportunities, Think Evolve Solve developed Gather 360.


Thomas Russell
Published on Mar 16, 2020

Gather 360 is an easy-to-implement SaaS tool, that solves one of the most urgent data problems facing buyside firms today – the need for client trading, position, and holdings data from Custodians to be clean, validated, and reconciled to the firm’s books and records.

The notion of reconciling a firm’s books and records to the “street”, or to custodians is nothing new in the financial industry.

Tying out to the firm’s books and records both at a detailed customer level and at an aggregate level is critical. In addition, with increasing requests from customers for the ability to request specific categories of securities for investment, such as ESG characteristics, it is necessary for firms to have an agile data management framework for analysis.


Financial firms are required to maintain accurate books and records for customer trading activity. Clients are requiring financial firms to be more transparent about trading activity and compliance with their trading mandates.


  • Customer trading activity is often stored at multiple custodians and varying formats across these external sources, with varying levels of accuracy. Frequently data is not complete or is not up to date, requiring support work to track down and correct errors.
  • Customer reporting is challenging with legacy tools requiring IT support to create new views.


Gather 360 enables financial firms to.

  • Access the data they need Gather 360 enables data gathering from different sources and systems across the bank, including legacy infrastructures, multiple databases and diverse IT platforms as well as data from external providers; in different formats; financial & non-financial
  • Create a standard database or format Gather 360 sends data requests to the selected data sources, stipulating the clear and structured format required, ensuring the request can be understood and confirmed. Gather 360 identifies critical errors, provides warnings on data-quality and relays these to the data-sources for correction.
  • Enrich their customer data Gather 360 can enrich customer records with additional information, e.g. contact information from external sources, credit information or information from social media
  • Certify data accuracy Once the data requests are returned, validated, consolidated and transformed, customer data is certified accurate, ready for reporting, sharing, analysis or to power other systems & tools
  • Automate data gathering Gather 360 will automate the process, providing real-time customer data in the required format
  • Audit the data trail Gather 360 provides a full data gathering & validation audit trail, with a fingerprint trail against each line of data

Gather 360 is secure, hosted on Azure cloud.

Unlike most data tools, gather 360 is designed for business users, not the IT team. It's easy to configure & deploy via a web-portal and comes with a bespoke dashboard.

Here’s how gather 360 works


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